Canadian Homes for Aging in Place Survey on Environmental Well-Being

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Homes for Aging in Place Survey on Environmental Well-being. This survey is a joint effort by researchers from the National Research Council of Canada, the University of Toronto, and Carleton University. Our shared goal is to understand the environmental conditions of Canadians aging in place in their own homes, and the comfort, well-being, and health of the people in those homes. The information we collect in this survey will help us to identify what parts of homes best support people, and what parts might benefit from more research to improve indoor environmental conditions so that people can stay in their homes longer. We will use this information to design other parts of our multi-year research project, and the results of the whole project will contribute to guidance on how to live better as we age in place in our homes.

Who is leading this project?
The leading researchers on the project team are Dr. Jennifer Veitch and Ms. Iara Batista da Cunha from the National Research Council of Canada, Prof. Marianne Touchie from the University of Toronto, and Prof. Liam O'Brien from Carleton University. The work is funded by the National Research Council of Canada through the Construction Research Centre and the Aging in Place Challenge Program.

Am I eligible to participate?
You are eligible to participate if:
  • You are at least 60 years old in 2023.
  • Your principal residence is in Canada.
  • You live in independent housing (either alone or with others) OR moved out of independent housing into supportive housing within the past two years.
  • No one else in your household has already participated in this survey.
What will you ask me to do?
We ask you to answer questions about your home and the conditions in it (temperature, ventilation, sound, lighting, accessibility), your comfort with those conditions, your health and well-being, and a few personal characteristics. Completing all the questions will take 45 to 55 minutes online (this is based on pilot testing of a variety of people). You don't have to complete all of it at one sitting. If you stop partway and come back to this site later using the same computer and internet browser, you can pick up where you left off.

Some of the questions might seem a bit personal or sensitive, but we only ask for information we need to answer our research questions. You may skip questions that you don't want to answer. At the end of the survey, we will ask for permission (and contact details) to contact you again, if you might be willing to participate in additional research as part of this multi-year project. This question is optional. We also offer the opportunity for you to enter your contact details in a separate database for a draw for one of 20 gift cards. Participation is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate you always have the right to end your participation at any time, for any reason. You may do this by closing your browser window and not returning to this website.

How might I benefit from this study?
If you choose, at the end of the survey you can enter your name into a draw for one of 20 gift cards worth $100. You can also provide contact details so that we can send you a short report about the results of the survey.

Who has access to my information?
The online survey is hosted and the data stored on secure servers located in Ottawa, Canada. The servers are accessible only to authorized people from the research team and the Research Ethics Boards of the sponsoring institutions. We store the survey answers anonymously using an arbitrary ID code and keep them confidential. If you provide any personal identifying information (for example, if you agree that we may contact you again for a future study), it will be stored offline in secure cabinets at the NRC in Ottawa and may be linked to your survey answers by the anonymous code. Personal identifying information will be kept for at most 7 years after the end of the project. Anonymous data will be retained indefinitely and may be re-used for other research projects. Contact details of people who enter into the gift card draw will be deleted immediately after we have delivered the gift cards to the recipients. Further details concerning our privacy policy are available here.

Who to contact if you have any further concerns or questions?
If you want more information about this survey, please contact Dr. Jennifer Veitch of the National Research Council of Canada at:

Ethics review
This study has been approved by the NRC Research Ethics Board (NRC-REB) under protocol number 2023-71, by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board under file number 45072, and by the Carleton University Research Ethics Board under file number 119830. REB review seeks to ensure that research projects involving humans as participants meet Canadian standards of ethics. Any questions or concerns about the ethics of this study may be directed to the NRC-REB Secretariat at:

How do I complete this survey?
If you give your free and informed consent to participate in this survey, please click on the "Start Survey" button.